Great food, massive dosas. They don't skimp on the spices, and the thali is great. This is pretty much my idea of a good South Indian restaurant (I'm not Indian btw, so take my opinion with a grain of salt). And is my favorite in Leicester.

I've been here about six times now, and it's been consistently tasty. I recently introduced my boss to south Indian cuisine at this restaurant. she absolutely loved it... which is convenient because she's vegetarian and could order anything on the menu without a worry.

The dishes I've had were not greasy, like so many dosa shacks I've been to over the years. Their food has excellent flavor.

Also, the spice is just right and the authentic flavours are very different. We had a great work xmas meal and my colleagues were very impressed with your service and food. Just woudl like to thank you on behalf of them. will be definetely be back!!!!!!!

(Jan 2010)

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