Shivalli is a place near Udupi in the state of karnataka in the southern India and Shivalli villagers are pioneers of world famous Udupi hotels (Vegetarian Restaurant) known for serving typical south indian dishes and foods like Idli, Vada, Dosa, Upma etc. This concept of restaurant is now copied by others all over the world. Shivalli villagers have unique style of serving and eating meals, the meal is served on plantain (banana) leaf. All dishes are served in a particular place and eaten by hand.


Our menu contains 100% pure vegetarian food with over 50 items to choose from. We offer a variety of appetisers, soups, dosa, curries, breads and various sweets, all from southern india - which is blessed with a rich culinary heritage. Shivalli's healthy vegetarian diet includes fruit, lentil, split pea, potato, spinach, fresh vegetables, cooked beans, sprouts, pleanty of leafy greens, whole grain basesd products, nuts , seeds, vegetable oil, milk, yogurt, herbs and spices. Every single dish is prepared with authentic indian herbs and spices by master chefs from Udupi.


Athiti Devo bhava - which in Sanskrit means, "Guest is God" - is the keynote of the very personal and attentive service you experience at the shivalli, this combined with exceptional food quality, is our hallmark.


Enjoy your meal at Shivalli - the Village Vegetatian, where quality meets tradition.

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