Vegetable Kurma

Fresh vegetables cooked in a creamy sauce of roasted cashew nuts and coconut.

Price: £4.75
Channa Masala

Tender chick peas simmered in a light tomato masala sauce.

Price: £4.25
Mutter Paneer

Creamy tomato sauce simmered with light spices and studded with home-made cottage cheese, cashew nuts and peas.

Price: £5.25
Majige Hulli

Fresh vegetable cooked in delicately spiced coconut milk, cashew nuts and yoghurt.

Price: £4.25
Aloogadde Soppu

This is our chef Radhakrishna’s signature dish, spinach and potato tempered with garlic, onion and spices.

Price: £4.95
Dal Tovve

Lentil Stew (dhal) cooked with ginger, lemon and green chillies.

Price: £4.25
Beetroot Sasami

Traditional Shivalli dish, Beetroot cooked with mustard seed, green chilli, coconut and yogurt.

Price: £4.45
Aubergine Curry

Fresh aubergine cooked in fresh tomato and tamarind with home blended South Indian spices.

Price: £4.45