Vegetable Biriyani

Basmathi rice cooked with fresh vegetable and homemade spices served with curry,raitha,pappadam and pickle.

Price: £5.45
Tomato Rice

Basmathi rice tossed in a deep pan with coconut,peas,urad-dal,mustard seeds and cashewnuts.

Price: £2.95

Rice steamed with tamarind juice and added fried peanuts.

Price: £2.65

Basmati rice tossed in a deep pan with coconut, peas, urad-dal, mustard seeds and cashew nuts.

Price: £2.50

Plain rice mixed with lemon juice, turmeric, fresh curry leaves,mustard seed, lentils and cashew nuts.

Price: £2.50
Mosar Anna

A cooling mixture of rice, cucumber and yoghurt tempered with asafoetida.

Price: £2.25
Boiled Rice

Plain white basmati rice.

Price: £1.75