2 pieces of Pappadam served with Chutney and Pickle.

Price: £1.45

2 pieces of gently steamed rice and lentil cake, served with Sambar & Chutney.

Price: £2.45

Semolina cooked with nuts, green chillies and ginger served with coconut chutney.

Price: £2.45
Potato Bonda

Deep flattened balls in gram flour, made of potatoes, nuts and mild spices

Price: £2.45

2 pieces of deep fried pastry filled with freshly cooked potatoes and peas with home made spices.

Price: £2.45
Rasa Vade

2 pieces of Soft lentil doughnuts soaked in Rasam.

Price: £2.95
Mosar Vade

2 pieces of refreshing dish of lentils doughnuts immersed in cold Yogurt.

Price: £2.95
Medhu Vade

2 pieces of delicious golden fried lentil doughnuts, fluffy in the middle and crispy on the outside.

Price: £2.75
Paneer Pakoda

5 pieces of Cottage cheese fried in a gram flour batter.

Price: £3.95
Chilli Paneer

Deep fried cubes of Indian cottage cheese with chillies soya sauce, pepper, onions and tomato sauce.

Price: £4.25
Gulla Podi

Four pieces of aubergine puffs fried in a thin seasoned batter.

Price: £2.45
Bhel Poori

As assortment of crushed crispy pastry, seasoned potatoes, nuts and puffed rice coated in a sweet & sour tamarind chutney.

Price: £2.95
Dhai Battata Poori

6 pieces of Poori stuffed with seasoned potato, soaked in yogurt and garnished with coriander chutney, ground spices and tamarind chutney.

Price: £3.45
Chilly Idli

Deep fried home made Idli with chillies,soya sauce,pepper,onions and tomato sauce

Price: £3.95
Vada Sambar

2 pieces of lentil doughnuts soaked in samber served with chutney.

Price: £2.95
Veg Platter (Serves 2pax)

Assorted starter platters consist of Medhu Vada,Potato Bonda,Chilli Paneer,samosa,served with Salad,Sambar and mint sauce.

Price: £7.95
Samosa Chat

Crushed samosa topped off with onion,chickpeas,sweet chutney,green chutney and coriander leaves.

Price: £2.95